Can an NFT make you rich?

Esseson Raphael
05 January 2022

Depends on your definition of “rich”. The average NFT costs more than $2,000, but a few high-priced trades push that figure to millions. However, most NFTs are sold for between $10 and $500 and If you're good at creating art, the chances of making more money are slightly skewed in your favor.

In the case of Art, ensure you have the NFT Licensing Agreement before creating an NFT. Until you grant a license to another party, you retain ownership of the copyright; this is to avoid  being exploited by crooks that "steal" work from artists. There are other things you can turn into NFTs ranging from Trading cards to fine wine, and even vintage automobiles.

Being opulently wealthy is a distinct possibility for those with the right combination of fortune and talent. You can become a millionaire (rich) in any industry with these two factors. To summarize, NFT is an excellent place to begin a career in the arts if you have artistic abilities. Instead of creating your piece of art, consider purchasing another NFT or investing in cryptocurrencies.

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