XCOPY Sets New High: $23 Million Worth Of NFTs Sold In 10 Minutes

Bishal Kumar Chanda

On Thursday, renowned NFT artist XCOPY made the headlines, selling over $23 million worth of NFTs in just 10 minutes. The London-based NFT artist recently unveiled the MAX PAIN and Frens NFT collection as a part of his latest collaboration with the Nifty Gateway. The MAX PAIN NFT, a part of the collection, was priced at 1 ETH each, roughly $3,100 per piece. Moreover, the open editions were available for everyone, and they were allowed to mint any number of copies within 10 minutes. 

The sale began on the 24th of March 2022 (Thursday) at 6:30 EST and was live till 6:40 EST. Within that time frame, 7394 NFTs were sold, with the MAX PAIN alone bringing in $23 million. Currently, over 5275 unique owners hold a piece each, with more than 329 resales already. Although a small portion of the NFT Twitter community wasn't happy with the pricing, XCOPY had just the perfect answer to such angry users. At the time of writing, MAX PAIN NFTs are on the aftermarket with a floor price of $4,100, making a minimum profit of $1,000 for those who minted.

Alongside MAX PAIN, auctions for two other limited XCOPY pieces ran, titled "WASTER" and "DAMAGER LUXE." These were 6-piece and 1/1 NFT pieces, respectively. Furthermore, those holding five NFTs on the Nifty Gateway platform could also enter a raffle to purchase 1 of 24 "GOURMET SPICY" NFTs only for $1. 

Earlier in 2021, when XCOPY did an open edition, there were about 870 buyers. But now, the numbers have crossed 7,000 with the latest drop, proving the impact of XCOPY's work in the NFT sector. Those seasoned in NFTs know that XCOPY takes his sweet time in releasing open edition NFTs. Meanwhile, Thursday's open-edition sale paved the way for many "Afterburn" NFT holders to burn them in exchange for other previously unreleased XCOPY NFT works.



By the end of 2021, NFT artist XCOPY was all over the NFT space with his popular abstract art and motion NFTs. Some of the credits for making XCOPY so famous must go to the hip-hop sensation Snoop Dogg. The hype reached another level when Snoop Dogg bought his animated Ethereum NFT "Some Asshole" for a whopping 1300 ETH. He followed it with another purchase of "Right-click and save As guy" for 1600 ETH. 

That's not everything; the artist also sold his "All Time High in the City" for 1630 ETH on SuperRare, which translated to more than $6 million at the time of sale. Currently, he is one of the top-selling NFT creators of all time, and many classify him as an NFT legend. With more than 172,000 followers on Twitter, XCOPY clearly has a large audience that is highly committed to supporting his work.

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