World of Women Galaxy NFT Has Finally Arrived: Check it Out!

Bishal Kumar Chanda

After creating a buzz and taking the NFT market by storm, World of Women is launching a new collection on March 26 2022. Following the announcement on March 1, all eyes are now on the World Of Women Galaxy NFT. After the tremendous success of their first NFT collection, the WoW community is all excited for the latest addition.


What is the World of Women Galaxy NFT?

The World of Women Galaxy NFT marks the second addition to the previously launched World Of Women NFTs in 2021. The WoW community is widely recognized for trying to restore the gender gap in the NFT space. Given its support post-launch, the collection’s popularity saw rapid growth between the 2021-2022 corridor.

One of the primary reasons behind the WoW Galaxy NFT launch is to create a platform within the metaverse dedicated to supporting women via education, mentorship, charity initiatives, and more. The WoW Galaxy NFT is designed by WoW co-founder Yam Karkai, an artist who aims to welcome more people into the WoW family.


World of Women Galaxy NFTs: Minting Stages

As a quick summary, the World of Women team has split the minting into three stages to present a potential gas war. In addition, this is a precaution to ensure that participants do not lose their free mints or whitelist spots during the process. 

  • Free minting for World of Women holders: Free minting starts at 11 AM PST, March 26. For every WoW NFT you hold, you can claim one WoW Galaxy NFT for free (plus the gas fee). However, the team has not set any time limit for WoW holders to claim their free mint. In addition, the free mint will take place on a dedicated claim page on the official WoW website.
  • Public sale: Starting at 1 PM PST on March 26, this round will have 10,000 World of Women Galaxy NFTs on sale in a Dutch auction format. As of now, there is no starting price, and you would need to look out for official announcements before the sale.
  • Whitelist minting: 2,222 WoW Galaxy NFTs would be mintable at 0.3 ETH once the public sale is over. The whitelist has been fully allocated at the time of writing, and the sale will last for one week. 

How Can You Avail The WoW Galaxy NFT?

There are different ways to avail the WoW Galaxy NFT:

  • Collaborations: The WoW NFTs have partnered with multiple partners and have set up giveaways. To know more, you can check out the WoW Discord server and participate in the giveaway contest.
  • Social Interactions: Social media interactions will be another way to avail the WoWG NFT. You need to extend your support to the NFT on Twitter and Instagram. Simply tag the pages for them to become an active member of the forum.
  • WoW Family Nominations: The WoW community will be nominating a handful of WoW NFT holders to their whitelist. If you are a member, you can nominate other people within the WoW discord server.

Ultimately, the World of Woman NFT project is gaining great traction in the NFT space. Recently, WoW’s decentralized autonomous organization, DaWoW, announced that all WoW Galaxy holders would be a part of the DAO. Not long ago, WoW also partnered with The Sandbox to showcase its amazing artwork in The Sandbox Alpha Season 2. With such an active community aiming for a great cause, we can expect more developments from WoW this year.

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