Women In Data Drops Its First NFT Collection

Ayush Pande

Launched as a global non-profit organization in 2015, Women in Data wishes to make Web3 a welcoming and empowering platform for women by launching its first NFT collection created by community members on July 20. 

Titled Visionaries, the NFT series will allow Women in Data to tokenize their membership and remind their members that they belong in the community.

Visionaries: A Celebration Of Women In Data’s Community

“Visionaries” is a collection of 2500 unique artworks that aim to ensure that women in the metaverse and NFT communities are aware of the opportunities available on Web3. 

The Visionaries series was minted on the Hedera Network with support for HBAR. This year’s Visionaries NFTs can be acquired by becoming a member of the Women in Data community. The group also plans to release its own HTS token in the future.

The artworks were created by Diane Ortiz-MacLeod, Tressa Rivers, Cristina Carlos, and other members to commemorate the beauty in diversity and the courage the Women in Data community possesses.

Unlike most NFT collections, Visionaries NFTs are not for sale; the collection will not be publicly minted. These NFTs will be released annually, and each Women in Data member will receive an NFT that best represents their membership in the community for that year. 

Lastly, Women in Data also claims that members will soon be awarded HTS tokens for completing educational tasks.

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