WishWorld: New NFT Music and Entertainment Marketplace by Aqiliz

Bishal Kumar Chanda

Aqiliz is a BAAS (blockchain as a service) company that provides solutions for individuals and businesses for effective internet data sharing. Last week Aqiliz officially announced entering the metaverse with WishWorld, an NFT marketplace dedicated to music and entertainment. To celebrate its launch, WishWorld dropped its first audio NFT on the day of love (February 14). It was quite a surprise for the community when the released NFTs turned out to be songs and unreleased albums by the iconic music maestro Ilayaraja. WishWorld added the cherry on top, with each piece having unique anecdotes and surprise features!

Simply put, Wishworld aims to become the go-to marketplace for music digital entertainment assets. Accordingly, the platform makes it easier for fans to directly interact with their favourite artists and celebrities in the metaverse. However, WishWorld wouldn't be at this stage without the valuable input from One Mercuri. Established in 2009, the Indian company provides specialized services in talent management, retail, entertainment and more. 

One Mercuri's partnership immensely helped Aqiliz develop WishWorld as a one-of-a-kind NFT marketplace. One Mercuri's Managing Director Sriram Bakthisaran revealed that the company had received numerous offers to build an NFT marketplace for Indian music and entertainment. But they decided to partner with Aqiliz because of their robust platform and consumer-centric approach. 

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However, WishWorld is not the first NFT marketplace for music and entertainment. You can find various other platforms that have recently become popular in the NFT entertainment sector. For example, Tezos created a sustainable music NFT marketplace (OneOf) that closed its first financing round in May 2021 at $63 million. Earlier this month, OneOf also announced expanding its horizon into sports with its new NFT marketplace, created in partnership with Sports Illustrated

NFTs or non-fungible-tokens are the next big thing, penetrating and disrupting every major industry you can think of. The music and entertainment industry is no different. Although mainstream NFT collectors, traders, and creators belong to the art and gaming industry, music NFTs are slowly rising in fame. Even the hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg entered the game by launching his exclusive music NFTs. As more artists realize the benefits NFTs bring to the table, music NFTs can easily be predicted as the next big trend.

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