WISeKEY To Release Picasso’s “The Magic Violin” NFTs

Ayush Pande

Blockchain and IOT company WISeKEY reveals its plans to drop NFTs of Picasso’s cubist artwork titled “The Magic Violin” on WISe.ART 2.1 NFT marketplace.

Picasso's Replicas Of Le Douanier Rousseau's Stolen Violins, Now A Part Of The Metaverse

Pedro Sandoval created an animated video to describe a true story where two violins were stolen from French artist Le Douanier Rousseau, a friend and supporter of Picasso. 

Being influenced by the Japanese art circulating in the early 20th Century, Picasso would flatten simple 3D objects into 2D renderings by cutting shapes out of cardboard and splitting them into their geometrical forms. Seeing the case that held the violins empty, Picasso used his artistic skills to replace his friend’s stolen violins with cut-out shapes of a violin. 

The case, along with the cardboard replicas of the stolen violins, was recently put in several exhibitions, including the Museum of the Royal Conservatory in Madrid in 2020, San Clemente Cultural Center in Toledo in 2021, and the City of San Clemente in Cuenca in 2022 of is now a property of Marco Salazar Ruiz’ grandson, a Spanish collector of fine arts.

Physi-Digital NFTs On WISe.Art 2.1 Marketplace

WISeKEY claims that it would release NFTs of Picasso's Art Case as both physical and digital packages. The NFTs will be available in the form of the original violin cut-out cubist art pieces created by Picasso as well as digital holograms that will be broadcasted in two museums simultaneously. 

These NFTs will be available on WISeKEY’s WISe.Art 2.1 NFT marketplace, a platform that boasts multiple security and monetization features to make the NFT ecosystem more accessible for artists and consumers alike.

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