Wall Street Bulls NFT Collections Gets Sold Out in 32 Minutes

Gaurav Roy

An NFT collection of 10,000 Wall Street Bulls was sold out in mere 32 minutes of its launch. Inspired by the Wall Street degen culture, Wall Street Bulls is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, launched by oil painter Cam Rackam. 

The collection comes loaded with a wide range of features like your bull doubles as membership into the upcoming Options Market, a place where your Bull can become either rich or poor.

In addition, a gamification feature allows the NFT holders to take a chance on making their NFT even more valuable or worthless. Moreover, owners would also get access to free sister NFT collections, among other features.

The NFT collection, which was launched in October 2021, targeted retail traders supporting GameStop mania. 

Within five minutes of its launch, about 1,000 colorfully creative bulls riding rocket ships were sold. By eight minutes, about 50 percent of the NFT collection was sold, and in 32 minutes, the entire NFT collection was sold out.

The makers of the NFT made about $2.5 million from the initial sale and also continue to earn royalties from NFT collectors trading the bulls.

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