WAGMI Games Partners With Cubix To Create High-Quality Play-To-Earn Games

Bishal Kumar Chanda

Named after the popular crypto acronym “We’re All Gonna Make It”, WAGMI Games announced its partnership with Cubix, an international software development company with blockchain and NFT game development experience. First, the objective is to develop a play-to-earn PvP (player versus player) tower defence game, modelled after Clash Royale. The PvP game will be released with 3D and realistic graphics in March 2022. We will get to see a flagship 3D MMORPG for the second phase, with development starting from April 2022 and a tentative release in the first quarter of January 2023.

WAGMI’s game concept is a unique storyline set in 3022, filled with challenging battles. It is about aliens discovering an element critical for their survival and making humans a threat to their existence. In the fight between aliens and humans, aliens will stop at nothing to conquer Earth as humans from all over the world unite for humanity’s survival. Players can earn WAGMI tokens by participating in PvP activities and other game events. The WAGMI team plans of making this game genuinely cross-platform by making it available for android, iOS, and desktop upon release.

WAGMI Games previously launched an NFT marketplace powered by WAGMI tokens where users can do both ERC and BSC token transactions. WAGMI Games have announced the launch of its genesis artist collection in January 2022 in the WAGMI NFT Marketplace. The NFT collection will feature both hand-drawn and 3D comic styles. Following the genesis artist collection, WAGMI will also release the cinematic gaming trailer in the same month. The partnership of WAGMI and Cubix, along with an exciting game concept, has the potential of giving birth to an exciting high-quality play-to-earn game. With the experience of Cubix in innovative digital products and WAGMI Game’s vast plan, we can expect nothing less. 

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