VerifiedInk Allows Athletes to Design Their Own NFT Trading Cards

Ayush Pande

VerifiedInk is an NFT platform that will allow high school athletes to create their own NFTs in the form of NFT cards. 

VerifiedInk aims to bring athletes to Web3 as creators by allowing them to design and sell their own NFTs. Starting July 19, NFTs designed by Naasir Cunningham, the “No. 1 high school basketball player”, will be available for auction on VerifiedInk.

How Do I Mint My NFT?

VerifiedInk supports using a player’s NIL (Name Image Likeness) to create NFTs in the form of traditional collectible cards, which are limited to a batch of 10 cards or “inks” when they are first minted. Designing and minting an NFT card is free for high school athletes, and they will own one piece of their ink forever, even if they decide to sell it. 

The platform charges a 6% fee, and 94% of the profits go to the athletes on the first sale. After the first sale, VerifiedInk charges a reduced fee of 4% on each subsequent sale. The athlete who minted the NFT will earn a royalty every time the ink changes hands. 

VerifiedInk reserves three out of the ten inks: one for their collective pool, one for the person who referred the athlete, and one for the person who referred them. The remaining seven NFTs are retained by the athlete who mints them.

Can I Mint More Than 10 Inks?

Once the marketplace opens, VerifiedInk will mint another pack of 50 NFTs if you sell at least one ink. Each pack will have a chance to contain a Rare or Legendary ink. Furthermore, VerifiedInk will create theme packs based on sports, geography, and college conferences later this year. 

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