Universal Music Partners With Curio To Bring NFT Fan Tokens To Celebrities

Bishal Kumar Chanda

Universal Music Group (UMG), the major music label and entertainment company, announced its new partnership with Curio. After this partnership, UMG has plans to form exclusive collaborations to create and launch new NFT projects. The association is a significant milestone for the music label as it offers greater flexibility and scalability to issue authentic fan-oriented NFT collections. On top of that, UMG can leverage Curio’s revolutionary technology for curating exclusive fan experiences in the NFT space. 

The partnership with UMG represents a remarkable milestone for Curio as well, a company founded in 2020 that dropped its first NFT in February 2021. In addition, it has also released more than 75,000 digital collectibles with eclectic music, television, and film industry partners. The Curio co-founder and co-CEO Ben Arnon previously worked at the Universal Music Group and is well acquainted with its business. In addition, one of its advisors, Marc Geiger, previously worked at William Morris Endeavor talent agency as the head of music. 

Curio already has some experience working with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. However, a critical difference between Curio and its competitors is that it focuses entirely on the entertainment industry and serving fans through digital fan collectibles. UMG and Curio have already started working on their first projects as partners. After this partnership, Curio will be the global distributor of UMG’s officially licensed NFT projects. As promised by the collaboration, we will witness their first NFT project drop in March this year. It’ll be featuring the Capitol Music Group artist Calum Scott

It is not the first time for the Universal Music Group to explore the aspects of a metaverse. It has been actively seeking ways to capitalize on the growing popularity of NFTs since December 2021. It has previously partnered with Genies to release NFT incarnations of its casts and wearables. UMG has also formed a music group entirely composed of the Bored Ape Yacht Club character. The digital apes living on the Ethereum blockchain have become the most wanted prizes for Hollywood celebrities and other collectors. 

The NFT music industry has started bustling with many new projects. Recently Aqiliz also released its music and entertainment NFT marketplace, WishWorld. NFTs have the power to revolutionize the music and entertainment industry, and big players have already started making their moves. If you want to make good returns from this growing trend, keep an eye on NiftyHype’s NFT updates!

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