Ukraine’s NFT War Museum Raises $1.3M For Restoration Efforts

Ayush Pande

A few months after the release of Ukraine’s Meta History: Museum of War, the project successfully raised 804.18 ETH ($1.3M) to fund the restoration of physical monuments damaged by the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian conflict. 

What is Meta History?

Meta History is an NFT platform that features NFTs based on actual war events in Ukraine. Approved by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, the marketplace aims to preserve the history of Ukraine and fight against Russia’s circulation of false news and propaganda by releasing NFTs minted on the Ethereum blockchain and Polygon network. 

The funds amassed by Meta History will go towards Aid For Ukraine, a platform that accepts crypto funds to restore Ukrainian cultural institutions damaged by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The war museum has minted over 1960 NFTs, and over 91 auctions have taken place on the platform since its debut.

Currently, the war museum features two NFT collections: Warline and Avatars For Ukraine.

Warline: Facts Accompanied By Artwork

The Warline series provides a chronology of events in modern-day Ukraine, and each of the Warline NFTs is an artist's illustration depicting these events. 

The aim behind the Warline collection is to spread accurate information worldwide with the help of blockchain technology. All proceeds from the Warline collection are transferred to the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

The Warline collection debuted on March 30 with the release of three NFTs starting at 0.5 ETH that document the first three days of the war. The third drop of Warline NFTs features the events that occurred between March 15-31 and was released on Meta Museum on July 22. 

Avatars Of A Free Nation

Avatars For Ukraine is a collection of charity NFTs that highlight the spirit of Ukraine in its fight for existence. Created by top Ukrainian artists, all the proceeds from the auctions of the Avatars collection go towards Ukraine's humanitarian and defense efforts.  

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