Ubisoft Partners With Aleph.im To Bring NFTs To Mainstream Video Games

Bishal Kumar Chanda

The gameplay of blockchain games currently available in the market is nowhere near most traditional games. A few projects in development promise to deliver triple-A games on the blockchain, but that is all on paper.

For bringing the concept of playable non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to existing triple-A games, Ubisoft has partnered with Aleph.im. The first project they have undertaken is Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, where players will be able to acquire NFTs representing in-game assets such as weapons, equipment, etc. 

Aleph.im provides cross-chain decentralized storage and networking services. Aleph.im is supplying Ubisoft with decentralized storage for dynamic NFTs called Digits. Players can acquire these Digits on Ubisoft’s new blockchain platform, Ubisoft Quartz.

Players can use these dynamic NFTs in-game or sell them to other players on NFT marketplaces such as Rarible and Objkt. In blockchain gaming and the play-to-earn arena, dynamic NFTs have never been utilized before.

We can consider it a revolutionary moment in NFT gaming where NFTs will evolve as different players use them in-game. With Aleph.im’s dynamic NFTs, players will be able to leave a mark on their favourite games.

After Axie Infinity’s massive success with NFT gaming, many game development companies have seen blockchain as a new way to monetize their games. But Ubisoft’s decision to bring NFTs to existing mainstream video games has been subject to much criticism.

Ubisoft has promised its player base to use the technology responsibly and keep a player’s gaming experience in mind. Through various in-house research and development, Ubisoft has studied this blockchain technology for four years. In 2022 you might get to see some of your favourite triple-A games from Ubisoft turned into play-to-earn NFT games with Aleph.im’s revolutionary dynamic NFTs. 

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