Top 5 Most Popular Goblintown Derivative Projects On OpenSea

Bishal Kumar Chanda

In the deepening crypto and NFT bear market, the Goblintown NFT project has been a breath of fresh air. While the entire NFT community is debating on utility and roadmaps, Goblintown prides itself on having “No roadmap. No Discord. No utility.” 

Also, the art is so comically ugly, depicting a bunch of silly disheveled goblins. Thus, the reason behind its skyrocketing price and popularity still appears to have no apparent rhyme or reason. 

Now, the Goblintown floor is sitting at 5.7 ETH, which most of us can’t afford to buy into. However, if you are hell-bent on owning a Goblin NFT, derivative Goblintown projects might be your next best option. So we have made you a list of the top five most popular Goblintown derivative projects on the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

1. Goblin Grlz

With a tagline of “wtf ur goblin needs a gf,” the edginess is intense with Goblin Grlz. The collection comprises 5,000 Goblin Grlz in various cool outfits and accessories. Currently, its floor price is sitting at 0.144 ETH with a total trading volume of 2,400 ETH. 

Meanwhile, 15% of the initial NFT sales will go to  Girls Who Code. Also, 50% of secondary sales will be donated to causes supporting women and non-binary artists in the NFT space. 

2. Hobotown

Next up on our list is an equally mysterious project as Goblintown. The only information available is its OpenSea marketplace page description - “6,900 hobos on that …errrthereum blokchayn a-takin’ bak what thay …err goblins done took frawum us.”

The Hobotown NFTs feature various outfits, hairstyles, and hygiene characteristics. With a total of 6,900 NFTs, Hobotown has a floor price of 0.05 ETH. Also, the project has done over 1,000 ETH in total trading volume.

3. Baby goblinz 

As the name suggests, next on our list is a collection of baby goblin NFTs. With a total trading volume of 871 ETH, the baby goblinz have a floor price of 0.046 ETH. 

The collection features a total of 5,000 baby goblins with various eye types, head shapes, body sizes, and weaponry. 

4. Dwarftown

Next comes Dwarftown, a variation on our goblin-themed project list. The Dwarftown NFT collection comprises 10,000 tough-looking dwarves with a total trading volume of 265 ETH. 

Moreover, the artwork is pretty silly and looks similar to the animations of South Park. Currently, the Dwarftown NFT collection sits at a floor price of 0.025 ETH with 4,100 holders. 

5. Zombiestown

Last but not least, Zombiestown is a collection of 7,777 zombie NFTs featuring a variety of skull and head types to different mouth coverings. According to the project website, the zombie NFTs have “risen from the damned lands to support the goblin hordes in a great metawar with the ancient races of Kharis, the filthy Elves.” 

With a total trading volume of 847 ETH, Zombiestown features a floor price of 0.02 ETH. However, this project distinguished itself from others on the list as it doesn’t have a discord server.

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