Top 11 Generative Avatar Projects You Must Follow in 2022

Bishal Kumar Chanda

Generative avatar NFTs took the crypto world by storm in 2021, and the uptrend continues in 2022. Since the launch of CryptoPunks, avatar NFTs have become a status symbol, with some projects even crossing billions of dollars in sales. Following the trend, every crypto enthusiast wants to own valuable generative NFT avatars, while the developers can't wait to launch their project. So, here is how you can identify legit projects and the 11 best generative avatar projects for 2022. 

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What Are Generative Avatar Projects?

Generative avatar projects are unique collections of digital assets that people use as their Profile Picture (pfp) on various online platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. These collections usually come with as many as 10,000 unique avatars ranging from apes to zombies to fantasy figures with no limit of creativity. Every avatar has a unique combination of traits that sets it apart from the rest. Besides using them as your online representation, some generative avatars have other utilities such as exclusive event access and NFT games. As these avatars are built on various blockchains, you can also flip, lend, or stake these NFTs to earn some decent cash.

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How to Identify a Legit Generative Avatar Project?

The raging demand for generative avatar NFTs has been a blessing to digital artists, developers, and traders alike. The booming market has led to a digital gold rush on the flip side. The number of traders flipping their generative avatars for profits has dramatically increased, and developers and artists focus on quantity over quality. As the supply and demand for these avatar NFTs grow, you need to identify a suitable project from a scam even more. There are specific criteria on which the success of a generative avatar project depends. You can also apply these to new and upcoming projects to make an educated guess about their success.

1. The Community

The best way to determine the legitimacy and success of a generative avatar project is by looking at its community. Getting an NFT is more than just getting ownership of a piece of art; it is getting to be a part of the community. The Bored Ape Yacht Club is an excellent example of community culture, and its members flaunt it with pride. There are some crucial questions, "Does the project have a strong online presence?", "Is the community actively engaging with the project?" and "Are people talking positively about the project?" If all these checks out, then it might be an excellent project to invest in.

2. The Roadmap

If you are interested in a generative avatar project, checking out its roadmap is a vital step. The roadmap is a document that will tell you about the strategies and long-term goals. From the roadmap, it is easy to guess how much effort was put into the project and whether it can achieve its promised goals. A legit NFT project will always have transparent goals and plans to achieve them. So, if any project is secretive about its roadmap, it is better to avoid them. 

3. The Team

Most teams behind generative avatar projects are anonymous nowadays. While this might seem cool initially due to the suspense and hype, anonymity is a huge red flag in NFTs. In some projects, only the company's founding members are disclosed; it is advisable to run a complete background check on them. Here, transparency is the key and if you find anything out of place, steer clear of the project.

4. Design Quality 

In generative avatar projects, design quality is vital in its success. Best NFT avatar projects are those that provide high-quality designs that you will be proud to own. If you are buying a generative avatar NFT for the art, you must look for a project that delivers aesthetic value. Apart from your artistic estimations, you can also gather real-time data from various NFT tools available online. Check out the 7 NFT Tools You Need to Trade Like a Pro.

5. Utility

After buying into a generative avatar project, you should be able to do more with your NFT apart from using it as a profile picture or flipping it for a profit. Different projects include different utilities with their avatar. Owning some avatars will give you access to exclusive events, some will let you use them in games, and some will reward you with a percentage of royalty. The more utility an NFT avatar has, the more it's worth your investment. 

6. Follow the Paper Trail

While looking for the best generative avatar project, it can be wise to check which projects celebrities and crypto influencers are investing in. Most of the time, when an avatar is linked with a celebrity or a prominent investor, the project can prove to be profitable in the long run. For example, Snoop Dogg, JayZ, and Logan Paul own CryptoPunks, and Eminem, Jimmy Kimmel own Bored Apes, both of which are a huge success, 

What Are The Best Generative NFT Avatars To Invest In?

Now that it's clear what you should look for in a legitimate and successful avatar NFT let's have a look at the top generative avatar projects for your 2022 investments. To create this list, factors like community presence, good team, floor prices, trade volume, and more have been analyzed. The generative avatar projects in this list have proved to be a great success until now and can be appreciated over time.

1. CryptoPunks

Created by Larva Labs in 2017, CryptoPunks deserves the first spot as the inspiration for developing the ERC-721 standard itself. CryptoPunks was one of the first generative avatar projects on the Ethereum blockchain, and it came as a collection of 10,000 avatars. You could claim the first edition of CryptoPunks for free by having an Ethereum wallet. The 24x24 computer-generated pixel-art avatars consist of human, ape, zombie, and alien punks that were distinguishable with their features and accessories. Apart from CryptoPunk#9998, sold fraudulently for half a billion dollars, CryptoPunk#7523 is the most expensive avatar at $11.75 million.

CryptoPunk NFT Features:

  • Floor Price: None for Sale
  • Total Volume: 815.6K ETH
  • Highest Sale: $11.7 million
  • Owners: 3,400
  • Collection Size: 10,000
  • Discord: 50,200 members

2. Bored Ape Yacht Club

The influx of expensive and inaccessible NFT projects gave birth to the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). It had a launch price as low as 0.08 ETH per ape and had many special benefits. The BAYC collection consists of 10,000 unique Bored Ape avatars in the Ethereum Blockchain. The Bored Ape NFTs draw their inspiration from CryptoPunks, and each Bored Ape has different attributes such as facial expression, accessories, fur colour, and so on. Bored Ape Yacht Club has taken a step ahead in providing owners exclusive access to private events and perks. Proud owners of Bored Apes also received a bonus from developers, vials of Mutant Serum that gave rise to the Mutant Ape Yacht Club.

Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT Features:

  • Floor Price: 116.8 ETH
  • Total Volume: 372.2K ETH
  • Highest Sale: 1080.69 ETH
  • Owners: 6,200
  • Collection Size: 10,000
  • Discord: 129,566 members

3. Meebits

Launched in May 2021, Meebits are a collection of pixelated 3D avatars created by the same developers as CryptoPunks. This Larva Labs creation features 20,000 3D voxel characters usable in the upcoming metaverse virtual worlds. As an additional asset pack, owners also get a full 3D model of their Meebits that can be animated or rendered. In June 2021, Meebitt #17522 got sold for as high as $3.7 million, and NFT funds like Meta4 have been acquiring Meebits as an investment. 

Meebits NFT Features:

  • Floor Price: 3.88
  • Total Volume: 83.0K ETH
  • Highest Sale: 1,000 ETH
  • Owners: 5,700
  • Collection Size: 20,000
  • Discord: 50,200 members

4. Cool Cats NFT

The internet's affinity for cats made Cool Cats NFT a blue-chip generative avatar project that maintains a high floor price. The collection consists of 9,999 unique cool cat avatars with different trait combinations based on a Blue Cat cartoon. All avatars in Cool Cats NFT have a different rarity, and the developers can allow breeding a second generation. Apart from the high floor price, the most expensive cool cat (Cool Cat #1490) was sold for a whopping $3.5 million. Cool Cat ownership gives you exclusive access to events such as NFT claims, raffles, and community giveaways. Apart from these, there is no other utility for the avatar NFTs.

Cool Cats NFT Features:

  • Floor Price: 15.79 ETH
  • Total Volume: 79.3K ETH
  • Highest Sale: 46.9 ETH
  • Owners: 5,200
  • Collection Size: 10,000
  • Discord: 92,000 members

5. World of Women

Animals and various creatures have inspired avatar NFT projects, but World of Women is the first generative avatar project inspired by women. The NFT collection only has woman avatars created to balance representation in the NFT space. The digital avatar collection was created by Yam Karkai, who quickly rose to fame with the project launch. The avatar NFTs comes with additional perks such as a 50% share of OpenSea secondary sale royalty and access to investors club where profits support female artists in the NFT space. The World of Women community celebrates representation, inclusivity, and equal opportunities for all. 

World of Women NFT Features:

  • Floor Price: 9.18 ETH
  • Total Volume: 48.5K ETH
  • Highest Sale: 200 ETH
  • Owners: 5,100
  • Collection Size: 10,000
  • Discord: 29,615 members

6. SupDucks

SupDucks is a generative avatar collection of 10,000 unique 90's themed cartoon ducks. Created on the Ethereum blockchain, each SupDucks NFT has an attractive hand-drawn look. In addition to the nostalgic art, SupDucks owners can earn considerable profits with its utility token. Owners can wager the $VOLT token on various discord activities such as coin flips, rock-paper-scissors, and even chess. However, there is a limit of 10 $VOLT per duck per day. 

SupDucks NFT Features:

  • Floor Price: 1.9 ETH
  • Total Volume: 21.3K ETH
  • Highest Sale: 18 ETH
  • Owners: 3,500
  • Collection Size: 10,000
  • Discord: 25,200 members

7. Doodles

Doodles consist of 10,000 colourful NFT avatars created by renowned illustrator Burnt Toast and ex-Dapper Labs employers Jordan Castro and Evan Keast. It is a community-focused project where holders can vote on different activities that use the community treasury called Doodlebank. Doodles have been very famous recently, with investors and celebrities like Pranksy, Future, and Dillon Francis buying quite a few Doodles. With a solid community and a highly dedicated team, it is safe to say that Doodles is here for the long term. 

Doodles NFT Features:

  • Floor Price: 14.321 ETH
  • Total Volume: 72.5K ETH
  • Highest Sale: 296.69 ETH
  • Owners: 5,900
  • Collection Size: 10,000
  • Discord: 35,700 members

8. The Hashmasks

Created by a globally distributed team of 70 artists and managed by Suum Cuique Labs, Hashmaks is a collection of 16,384 distinct Avatar NFTs. Each avatar has a different eye colour, skin colour, mask, and character. The initial auction had an added layer of mystery because the NFTs were only revealed after the complete sale. The popularity behind Hashmasks is because it is the first of its kind that lets the owner shape the artwork. You can also morph the name of your Hashmask by using 1830 Name Change Tokens (NCTs), which you can earn by holding Hashmasks. 

Hashmasks NFT Features:

  • Floor Price: 0.85
  • Total Volume: 41.3K ETH
  • Highest Sale: 420 ETH
  • Owners: 5,100
  • Collection Size: 16,384
  • Discord: 24,111 members

9. Bored Ape Kennel Club

Did you know there is a collection of Bored Ape Yacht Club-inspired dog avatars in the metaverse? With 10,000 total Bored Ape Kennel Club NFTs, that was a limited-time drop for BAYC owners. Each pup avatar is unique and programmatically generated from more than 170 possible traits. The actual number of minted pups will be less than 10,000 as few Bored Apes were burned due to illegal activities, and few got stuck in NFT Limbo Wallets. What's more interesting about this project is that 100% of the royalty proceeds will go to animal shelters like The Giving Block and Wright-Way Rescue.

Bored Ape Kennel Club NFT Features:

  • Floor Price: 11.86 ETH
  • Total Volume: 59.2K ETH
  • Highest Sale: 49.99 ETH
  • Owners: 5,400
  • Collection Size: 9,600
  • Discord: 129,566 members

10. CyberKongz

Another success in the animal genre avatars is CyberKongz, with a small size of 5,000 avatars compared to most generative avatar projects. The Genesis Kongs have sold for more than 100 ETH each, and their babies maintain a high floor price. It was one of the first projects that let owners earn tokens just by holding the NFT, which brought a lot of value to early supporters. CyberKongs are still an underrated project and not known by many mainstream collectors. With a strong community and development team, CyberKongz has the potential to blow up even more in the future. 

CyberKongz NFT Features:

  • Floor Price: 10.84 ETH
  • Total Volume: 48.8K ETH
  • Highest Sale: 110 ETH
  • Owners: 2,400
  • Collection Size: 5,000
  • Discord: 38,387 members

11. Weird Whales

The brainchild of a 12-year old coder from London, Benyamin Ahmed, Weird Whales, is a collection of 3,350 generative pixelated whale avatars. Although this project hasn't done so well in resale compared to others on the list, its origin surely warrants a position. Benyamin started coding when he was 5-years old, and the concept of NFTs fascinated him. Inspired by CryptoPunks, he used an open-source python script to create his own NFT project that sold out within 48 hours. The Weird Whales collection is worth taking a look at. 

Weird Whales NFT Features:

  • Floor Price: 0.16 ETH
  • Total Volume: 1.8K ETH
  • Highest Sale: 2 ETH
  • Owners: 1,700
  • Collection Size: 10,000
  • Discord: 8,366 members

This concludes our list of the 11 best generative avatar projects that deserve your time, attention, and money. Each of the projects in the list offers something unique in the digital asset world and can prove to be a game-changer. But investing in an NFT avatar is a big financial decision, and you should do proper research, read reviews from trusted influencers and invest in projects with a good track record. Different scams are prevalent in the NFT space, and you should be very careful with your actions. For a smooth NFT experience, read our guide NFT Counterfeit and Scams: Things You Need To Be Aware Of.

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