Tom Brady and ESPN are Teaming Up to Get Into The NFT Industry

Joe Koppelman

ESPN is getting into the NFT business with a new partnership with Tom Brady.

The sports media giant will launch an exclusive NFT collection with the NFL star quarterback, featuring 10 unique items that can be bought, sold, or traded using blockchain technology.

The collection includes a digital trading card of Brady throwing a touchdown pass, a highlight reel of his greatest moments, and a virtual Reality Experience of him playing in last year's Super Bowl.

"I'm excited to partner with ESPN on this groundbreaking initiative," Brady said in a statement. "As someone who loves collector items and trading cards, it's exciting to see the sports world embrace this new technology."

This is just the latest way that ESPN is trying to tap into the growing world of NFTs. The company recently launched an NFT-themed podcast called "The Block," and it has also been experimenting with selling digital sports highlights as NFTs.

The partnership with Brady is a natural fit for ESPN, given his status as one of the most famous athletes in the world. It's also a way for the network to keep up with other major sports leagues that have been embracing NFTs in recent months.

The NBA has been at the forefront of this movement, selling digital highlight clips and player cards as NFTs, and the NHL is reportedly considering a similar move. Major League Baseball is also said to be exploring the possibility of selling digital memorabilia as NFTs.

It's not just sports leagues that are getting involved in the NFT craze. Celebrities like Mark Cuban and Paris Hilton have also jumped on the bandwagon, selling everything from digital art to virtual real estate as NFTs.

The growing popularity of NFTs has even caught the attention of Wall Street, with investors pouring millions of dollars into startups that are working on the technology.

So far, ESPN's foray into the world of NFTs has been relatively low-key. But with the Brady collection, the network is signaling its intention to be a major player in this burgeoning market.

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