Tiffany & Co. To Release CryptoPunks Pendants - "NFTiffs"

Ayush Pande

Luxury jewelry retailer Tiffany & Co. announces its plans to release its first NFTs as pendants, called "NFTiffs," modeled after NFTs from the popular CryptoPunks collection starting August 5.

What Are NFTiffs?

NFTiffs are a series of 250 custom-designed physical and digital pendants created by Tiffany & Co.'s artisans that feature the owner’s CryptoPunk NFT

Led by Alexandre Arnault, Tiffany & Co will utilize the 87 unique traits and 159 colors that make up the 10,000 NFT collection to create said pendants, and each pendant will possess at least 30 gemstones that best fit the Cryptopunk's characteristics.

18K Gold And Gem Encrusted NFT Pendants

The two light base colors and alien will use 18K rose material, while the darker base colors, along with the zombie and ape NFTs, will use 18K yellow gold as the base. The pendant would be engraved with the CryptoPunk's series number and Tiffany & Co.'s logo on the back.

The one-to-one replica pendants will be priced at 30 ETH or $51,000, and are limited to a maximum of three NFTiffs per client. 

The sale of these pendants will begin on August 5, 10 AM EST, on NFTiffs' own website, built on the Chain protocol. The deadline to redeem them is August 12, 9 PM EST.

NFTiffs As Collectibles

Tiffany & Co. claims that after purchasing the NFTiff, owners will gain a pass in the form of an NFT on their wallets. The pass can then be redeemed for a "one-of-a-kind jewelry experience." Furthermore, clients will receive a digital rendering of their NFTiff pendant around October. 

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