Thetan Arena Announces Strategic Token Burn In 2022

Bishal Kumar Chanda

On December 30th, Thetan Arena announced its plan of burning 100 million $THC. The news was revealed on Twitter and was very well received by its community. This burn will take place over four weeks, with the staking and converting program running alongside. To top it off, Thetan Arena has also teased more upcoming developments. This token burn will likely improve the game’s performance on the general market and draw the interest of new investors.

Thetan Arena has excellent potential to compete with other major established projects in the play-to-earn NFT gaming community like Axie Infinity. Thetan Arena has its unique way of utilizing the community’s interest, but they still have a long journey before being recognized as a blockchain gaming leader. Their latest initiatives only portray their potential and drive for that. Thetan Arena’s governance token $THG is currency trading at $4.3 and has an all-time high of $21.19. The total supply of $THG is 420 million tokens and more than 69 million tokens in self circulating supply. The current price point is quite lucrative to invest in the projects as investors can see manifold returns from the recent developments.

There is an entry barrier in most play-to-earn NFT games because players have to invest some money before playing. But Thetan Arena has no entry barrier as it is a free-to-play and play-to-earn NFT game. Built on Binance Smart Chain, Thetan Arena is a MOBA game that connects crypto investors with streamers and gamers. Players can enjoy the game with a free hero, Raidon, and start earning Thetan Coin and Thetan Gems. This free-to-each model has attracted a large player base resulting in exponential growth and potential. NFT gaming is set to take over the economy, and if you are interested in it, Thetan Arena is a must-try.

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