The Fringe: Sci-Fi Movie Franchise Funded by an NFT Collection

Bishal Kumar Chanda

Have you ever felt that you know movies better than the people running things? The Fringe project might just make that possible! Filmmakers Zeek Earl and Chris Caldwell are bringing decentralization to the film industry through their new project. On top of that, the direction of the franchise will be decided by the community members holding its NFTs. With the hopes of keeping out large companies, The Fring is an upcoming sci-fi movie made by funds from the community. The filmmakers estimate that the minting fees and royalties would be enough to generate enough finance for the film.

Set to release in March 2022, The Fringe is an Ethereum-based collection of around 10,000 NFTs in collaboration with the TAKA Artist Collective. The NFT characters will be known as Drifters and there are plans to incorporate these into their upcoming feature film. The name comes from the fact that many do not understand the filmmakers’ direction and perceive them as drifters. As explained by Earl and Caldwell, the ultimate goal is to create a piece of intellectual property owned by the community. 

What’s in it For NFT holders?

All the holders of Drifter NFTs will get access to behind the scenes of the upcoming movie. Additionally, NFT holders will become a part of a creative incubator that will grant them access to members-only events and competitions, both virtual and real-life. What's more important is, the filmmaking process will be shared with the community members, giving them access to artists and various seminars regarding the process. There are many other benefits yet to be added to the list, and we will see it unfold as the project develops.

NFT Films and TV series are not an entirely new concept. Some movies like Scream and 83 have already joined the Web3 revolution. In January this year, Time Studios announced the launch of an animated childrens’ series based on NFTs. As metaverse, NFTs and Web3 continue to trend in 2022, there are NFT projects to come in the Movie and TV series industry. If you love the concept of decentralization and want to be a part of something big, The Fringe is worth taking a look. We can expect more details about the drop soon from the team, meanwhile you can check the artifacts on their official website.

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