THE ALEXANDER To Drop NFT Music Album, “Back In Time” Starting July 29

Ayush Pande

Musician and techno artist, THE ALEXANDER, reveals details of his upcoming NFT album, titled Back In Time, dedicated to underground music and rave culture. Besides the album, he will also release Robopunkz, an NFT project featuring characters and music acts available exclusively to the metaverse.

THE ALEXANDER is well-known for his debut track Output. He has worked with other artists to create techno-oriented music, including his recent track HIDEAWAY featuring Miss Monique & Vania. 

What is Back In Time?

Back In Time is the music album that will be released under THE ALEXANDER’s record label, Hypnotic Rhythm Records, and consists of nine tracks that will be released throughout the year. Each track will have its own NFT, and the first track, The Alexander – Back In Time (Original Mix), will be dropping on July 29. 

THE ALEXANDER reveals on Instagram that the first track will lead the “listeners through a minimalistic big room techno journey through sounds of rave and old-school drums.”

The rest of the album will be released throughout the year and feature Vania, Matthew Steeper, and more. Once the entire album releases, the 1/1 NFT will be available and NFT enthusiasts and investors will be able to bid on it for a limited time.

Owners of his NFT tracks will be granted a lifetime pass to THE ALEXANDER’s gigs and HYPNOTICA label parties, streaming proceeds, and commercial rights to said track. Furthermore, the owners will receive early access content from THE ALEXANDER and Hypnotic Rhythm Records.

Lastly, his NFT project, Robopunkz, will drop its first NFTs later in August 2022. Robopunkz is an NFT project consisting of characters and music acts available only on the metaverse.

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