Tezos: The New Key Player In Play-To-Earn NFT Gaming

Bishal Kumar Chanda

In the fast-growing NFT movement, leading game developers choose Tezos as a blockchain of their choice. Tezos blockchain brings to the table an easily upgradable architecture with cheaper fees, energy consumption, and community governance. As the NFT gaming community grew leaps and bounds last year, it also has been subject to inevitable scrutiny. 

The high energy consumption of the blockchains needed to host NFTs is one of the major criticisms levied upon NFTs. A significant number of developing NFT game companies are trying to distance themselves from these criticisms. Tezos brings them with one of the most environment-friendly blockchains that use proof-of-stake consensus for transaction validation. Ubisoft, a game developer, known for hit triple-A gaming titles such as Ghost Recon, decided to choose Tezos mainly because of the low energy consumption. Many other well-known decentralized play-to-earn game firms, like DOGAMI and CPP Games, have also launched NFTs on Tezos.

Tezos employs a modular architecture which makes it very easy to update regularly. The governance mechanism makes it a perfect match for hosting community-driven gaming ecosystems. Through the ownership of crypto tokens or NFTs, stakeholders can propose changes to the game and conduct voting on those proposals.

Among all the blockchain technologies available in the market, Tezos is one of the cheapest. Price is one of the most significant entry barriers for new gamers entering the NFT gaming community. Tezos tackle this well with minimal on-chain transaction fees, decreasing the overall entry fees.

Axie Infinity showed us the potential of blockchain gaming and how lucrative it can be. Play-to-earn blockchain games are the future of the gaming industry. The concept of blockchain gaming is very well established, with many projects around the metaverse currently under development. We only remain to see which blockchain will be most sought after for the new gaming NFTs and Tezos has the potential to become the latest key player.

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