Terra Cute NFT Project: New Play to Earn Game On Terra Blockchain

Bishal Kumar Chanda

Terra Cute NFT project has come up with a collection of 3,450 handmade NFT (non–fungible token) characters that will be a part of their upcoming play-to-earn game. Interestingly, the NFT sale is live on Random Earth with a mint price of only 1 LUNA. 

About Terra Cute

The latest collection of NFTs is part of Terra Cute's unlimited 2D world, where holders can "own characters, meet friends, communicate, design and play games while earning money." All you need to interact with the unusual Terra Cute world is a character. Each of the Terra Cute character NFTs is unique and has distinct traits. They come in 32 character categories, including Terra Animals, Terra Robots, Terra Ninja, Terra Sports, Terra Scary, etc.

What's in For The Terra Cute Holders?

As depicted on the Terra Cute roadmap, the team plans to launch its token, $CUTE, and airdrop it to the holders. Unlike most computer-generated avatar projects nowadays, every Terra Cute NFT is handmade by their graphic designer and his team. According to the team, each NFT has a very detailed animation, with every shape and line being unique.

Apparently, everyone who holds more than 2 NFTs will receive a physical version of one of the NFTs. The physical production starts in Q2 of 2022, and participating holders can get a real-life 10cm x 10cm figure. In addition, Terra Cute also plans on launching its "Dual Staking" around the same time. The Anchor Protocol is well known for offering a stable return of 20% APY on UST deposits. According to the official website, Terra Cute holders can earn 25% APY on Anchor Protocol instead of the usual 20% APY.

Terra Blockchain: The Next Big Ethereum Competitor?

Developed in 2018 by Do Kwon and Daniel Shin, Terra is an exciting up-and-coming blockchain. The blockchain is underpinned by the native LUNA token, which has made its place among the top 10 cryptocurrencies within a very short period. Currently, LUNA is trading at $95 after seeing a 30 days low of $47 and high of $104. Notably, Terra is one of the fastest-growing blockchains in the market, and people seem to be slowly leaning towards it.

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