Tencent Begins Testing NFT Avatars In QQ Music App

Ayush Pande

Tencent Music, a subsidiary of Tencent, announced that it would start testing NFT Profile Picture (PFP) in its mobile application, QQ Music. The two-dimensional cartoon avatars can be used in the virtual hub of the app.

The PFP NFTs are limited to 40,000, and each is available for purchase on Tencent’s Blockchain, Zhixin Chain, for 0.88 Yuan or $0.13. Furthermore, QQ Music also plans to release another feature called "Music Zone." 

What is the Music Zone?

Music Zone is a feature that allows users to customize their in-app home with decorations. Each virtual house has an interface that allows users to play songs from a tracklist. Furthermore, the Music Zone will enable users to invite their friends’ avatars as guests and listen to music in this private space.

When would these features be available?

Both PFP NFTs and Music Zone were added to QQ Music’s alpha test version. These features are available for Android users starting Monday.

However, the official launch of both features is scheduled for Wednesday.

Is QQ Music available outside China?

No, the app is not available outside mainland China. However, you can use a VPN to change your location by connecting to a Chinese server. Then, you can access QQ music by going to this link or downloading the app on your Android/IOS device.

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