Superplastic To Release MAYC "Meet The Melvin" Figurines

Ayush Pande

Superplastic reveals its plans to release two sets of plastic toys based on the popular MAYC collection this Thursday. The creator of vinyl-based collectibles and figurines previously collaborated with Yuga Labs' other NFT series, BAYC, to release five "Superbored" toys for the BAYC community earlier this year.

Melvin & Melvin 2.0

First announced on August 12, the Meet the Melvin lineup features two toys based on the heavily mutated Mutant Ape #1590. The limited edition vinyl figurines display the Mutant Ape's mutations and mutilations by featuring chromed-out gills, tentacles, exposed bones, and torn clothes.

The first one, Melvin, is only available for purchase by owners of Superplastic or MAYC NFTs. The open edition pre-order vinyl will be on sale for 30 minutes on Superplastic's website on August 18.

Melvin 2.0 features an alternate "slimy" color scheme and, unlike Melvin, is eligible for purchase by the public. Superplastic states that Melvin 2.0 will drop on the same day, August 18. 

Superplastic claims that the shipping dates of the figurines will be revealed after all orders are processed and accounted for.

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