Starbots' Robot Battle NFT Game Raises $2.4 Million

Bishal Kumar Chanda

The first-ever battle NFT game on the Solana blockchain, Starbots, has successfully raised $2.4 million in their latest private funding round. Starbots has already gained the support of notable names such as Impossible Ventures, OKEx Blockchain Ventures, BigCoin Capital, Real Deal Guild, and many others. The Starbots' advisory board comprises high-impact members such as Calvin Chu, core builder of Impossible Finance; Bored Elon, MetaMars founder; Long Vong, TomoChain founder; and William Robinson, DeFi Alliance core contributor. 

Starbots' robot battle NFT game is inspired by the television series Battlebots. Players will grind for new robot parts like body, weapon, gadget, and wheel to use in in-game battles. Starbots' upgradable NFTs give the play-to-earn game a different level of customizability. We can expect some gripping cartoonish notion action and unpredictable combat results. Players can earn the $GEAR token by participating in events and missions. Trading NFTs in the Marketplace can also earn $GEAR. The $BOT token, on the other hand, is its governance token which investors can also use for staking, buying in-game loot boxes, and so on. The initial stages of the game depend on automation a lot for battling. Maybe we will see manual battles as the development roadmap unfolds.

Starbots is planning their $BOT Triple IDO event on 11th January 2022 (on Impossible Finance). You can get more information on the IDO details at the Starbots Blog. In the first quarter of this year, we will witness Starbots' genesis NFT sale and the launch of PvP mode on the test net. In the second quarter, they plan to release the PvP mode on the main net. Starbots is at its embryo stage right now. If you find the concept of battle bots on blockchain interesting, you should check out Starbots.

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