Spotify Getting Ready to Enter the Metaverse With The Search of Web3 Engineers

Bishal Kumar Chanda

The Swedish-American music service giant Spotify recently announced a vacancy for a Senior Backend Engineer focusing on Web3. As understood from the job description, the music streaming platform is still in its early stage of Web3 investment. It looks like Spotify is ready to explore Web3 initiatives, especially when metaverse and NFTs are witnessing significant adoptions and bringing in billions of dollars.

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The appointee will join as part of Spotify’s experimental growth team and collaborate with its product, insights, and design departments. The critical emphasis would be to leverage new technologies to uncover the next growth opportunity for Spotify. In addition to a senior engineer, the Spotify team is also looking to hire other roles for its Web3 expansion. For example, the company posted an offering for a Senior Innovation and Marketing Intelligence Manager familiar with emerging trends, especially Web3. 

It seems natural for Spotify to enter the metaverse. Some of its most prominent artists like Travis Scott, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Marshmello have already performed on other metaverse platforms. The international hip-hop sensation Snoop Dogg also recently dropped an album on the Gala Music platform. Even some of Spotify’s shareholders, including Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group, have already advanced the metaverse. However, Spotify is not the only famous company looking for new talent in the Web3 space.

YouTube, a platform with a two billion worldwide user base, has begun scouting for a Project Management Director to develop and head its Web3 strategies. Indian music label T-Series announced its upcoming metaverse ventures and is also looking for Web3-based roles. You can even find similar job postings made by Microsoft. Earlier this month, the software giant was looking for a Director of Business Development, and the application was closed within three days!

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