Space Crypto: Top-Tier Space Shooter Game With Great ROI

Bishal Kumar Chanda

Built on Binance Smart Chain and Solana, Space Crypto is a space shooter game with many potentials. When it comes to blockchain and NFT games, play-to-earn features play a significant role in attracting the community. With Space Crypto metaverse, players can utilize this play-to-earn feature to gain a high ROI (return on investment). Players will become Space Guardians, and the goal is to defeat evil bosses to form the ultimate protector alliance of the Space Metaverse. It is a multiplatform NFT game that runs smoothly on IOS, Android, and even the Space Crypto website

The main NFT assets for players to collect in-game are Spaceships and Bases. All the spaceships have the same base price of $10 SPG, which means with only $10 SPG, players will get to experience the game. With various game modes and a low entry barrier, it is easy for players to generate income early on. Unlike most other play-to-earn games, Space Cryptos is fun to play with a wide variety. The project also has some great backings such as GameFi, Maven Capital, Dao Maker, Red Kite, Icetea Labs, etc.

There is an upcoming milestone on 15th January that you must not miss. On 15th January, players will get the chance to participate in the Testnet Stage of the game. After that, Starbots will introduce the Marketplace, where players can buy their first NFT assets. In 2022's first quarter, the Space Crypto team plans to release their Game Guide, Tournament, Raid Mode, and upgrade the web browser game. Space Crypto had great success in their last two IDOs, and the future roadmap is also looking great. With all the social media hype that is yet to come, this might be your time to become a Space Guardian.

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