Solano-Based MonkeyBall NFT Buyers Lose Their Tokens

Gaurav Roy

MonkeyBall, the next-gen esports game on the metaverse, has caused widespread chaos as many investors have complained about the project on social media platforms.

The highly-anticipated project was supposed to offer about 5,000 Monkey NFTs on its website on January 7. However, even before users could place their order, they received a pop-up message on their screens saying ‘drop ended.’ This happened even before the completion of the launch countdown timer, which made the users even more furious.

A few users were continuously refreshing their webpage, and some even created a 2 SOL transaction to buy an NFT. But they were left disappointed as the SOL was sent to MonkeyBall, and no NFT was given to them, making users shell out money from their pocket.

The sub-domain (, which was used for the NFT drop, did not appear in the DNS a few minutes before the completion of the official countdown, suggesting that hackers could have accessed the drop to mint the NFT supply.

However, the MonkeyBall team did not provide any details to users about their concerns. They also muted the Discord and Telegram communities during the drop, keeping users guessing about the ongoing issues.

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