Snoop Dogg Collaborates With The Sandbox to Drop New Doggies NFT Collection

Bishal Kumar Chanda

After a successful new album drop in the Gala Music, the international rap sensation Snoop Dogg has taken to The Sandbox metaverse. With a successful Alpha release of The Sandbox, fans must be excited to know that Season 2 is near! However, before the new season, The Sandbox has partnered up with Snoop Dogg to release a grand collection of Doggies NFT avatars. The minting started on February 2 at 10 PM UTC with a 150 SAND mint price (plus gas fees). What's more? All the avatars in the collection are fully playable in the game!

The Sandbox is one of the most popular metaverse experiences, and the Doggies NFT launch is excellent news for both The Sandbox and Snoop Dogg fans. The 10,000 avatars are hand-crafted from over 150 unique traits by skilled Voxel artists from The Sandbox. Doggy NFT owners can play in the Season 2 of the game and attend events and concerts, complete quests, or explore the metaverse, flaunting their limited edition avatars. To learn more about The Sandbox, check out NiftyHype The Sandbox Review.

The 10,000 avatar NFT collection comprises seven tiers of rarity: 

  • Human (63%)
  • Blue (11%)
  • Alien (10%)
  • Zombie (7%)
  • Dogg (5%)
  • Robot (3%)
  • Gold (1%)

While almost two-thirds of the avatars will be common, there will be three types of Doggies uniquely designed to stand out of the crowd. The dope avatars are a group of "dope, fresh & funky" avatars designed by The Sandbox artists and Snoop Dogg himself. Each one of the dope avatars is one of a kind, and you will need luck on your side to mint them. Then comes the classic avatars inspired by Snoop Dogg's journey throughout his music career. They are linked to some of the greatest Snoop Dogg tracks he recorded throughout the years. The signature edition Doggies are made in collaboration with some of the best collections in the metaverse.

The public mint for the Doggies avatar NFT collection has already started on February 22, so hurry if you want one! Holders of other Snoop Dogg exclusive NFTs got 24 hours early access before the public release. It also means that with this new collection, you can get early access to other upcoming NFT from him! The rap artist also plans to turn his newly acquired legendary record label, Death Row Records, into an NFT label. Death Row Records has been a big part of early rap and hip-hop, with many legendary artists associated with it. Seeing this record label make a comeback would be phenomenal, so look out for it.

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