ŠKODA To Launch Women’s Tour de France NFTs

Ayush Pande

ŠKODA, a partner of Tour de France, announced that it would release a set of sports-themed memorabilia NFTs to commemorate the return of Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift. 

Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift on Web3

The women’s Tour de France event returns after a 33-year-long hiatus, and ŠKODA revealed its plans to collaborate with artist IIona Polanski-Voverková to release a collection of NFTs in the form of unique posters to celebrate this event. 

ŠKODA announced on Friday that it would release 8 sets of NFTs for this collection, each consisting of 30 rare NFTs with a unique edition number that will feature artwork depicting the challenges cyclists will face on that stage. 

Minted on the Solana blockchain, these NFTs will be released as a tribute to all female cyclists out there and will be up for grabs starting July 24. 

How Can I Get These NFTs?

Unlike most NFTs, these NFT posters will not drop on any NFT marketplace. Instead, Twitter users can get a chance to earn them free of charge.

Starting July 24, We Love Cycling’s Twitter account will post a tweet featuring that day’s NFT poster, and the first 30 users who retweet this post will be awarded the NFT.

Once the winners are confirmed, We Love Cycling administrators will transfer the NFT to the winners' wallets, which must be compatible with Solana NFTs. Moreover, the holders of the NFTs with edition number #1 will also receive an original green jersey as a physical token for being the sprinter.

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