Reddit Airdrops Free NFT Avatars

Ayush Pande
A Reddit administrator states, “Starting today, we will begin air-dropping Collectible Avatars to our top community builders… for free.”

Popular social discussion platform Reddit announces Polygon-based NFT avatar airdrops for community contributors with a significant number of karma points.

After integrating support for premium NFTs avatars a month ago, Reddit asks users with a certain amount of karma points to choose a randomized NFT avatar from one of the four collections: Aww Friends, Meme Team, The Singularity, and Drip Squad, with The Singularity collection being the most popular pick. Reddit, however, has not specified the amount of karma required to qualify for the airdrop.

The four collections are available on OpenSea, with the floor price of the first three being 0.01 ETH and that of Drip Squad being 0.02 ETH. Interestingly, unlike its CryptoSnoos collection, Reddit avoids calling these avatars “NFTs,” instead preferring to use the term “collectible avatars.” 

How To Get The Free NFT Avatars?

  • Only the top contributors are eligible for the free airdrop. To claim these avatars,
  • Log in to the Desktop version of Reddit.
  • Scroll down the homepage to see if you are qualified for the airdrop.
  • Choose an avatar from the link visible near the banner.

Reddit and NFT Avatars

Besides the free airdrop, Reddit allows users to purchase the avatars from the website itself, with the prices ranging from $9.99 to $99.99. 

Reddit stores these avatars on its own wallet: Vault, and creators of the NFTs get paid every time a user buys their NFTs, on top of earning royalties from aftermarket sales. Additionally, users can customize the avatar with gear and transfer ownership by trading the avatars on third-party marketplaces. 

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