Prime Render Studios To Create Animated NFT Film - The Lokals

Ayush Pande

The eighth film by the award-winning Prime Render Studios will be a short animated NFT film called The Lokals in collaboration with artist Božo Balova. The multimedia studio from Split aims to merge conventionally animated films with blockchain technology through the conception of this project.

What’s The Lokals Project?

The Lokals is an NFT film about a train journey through Ljubljana and Zagreb to the small Mediterranean town of Split. By featuring the various ideologies and lifestyles prevalent in Split back then, the animated film aims to depict Yugoslavia in the 1980s.

The film is currently in the pre-production stage and has Emmy Award winner Ante Deković and Undone series’ director, Hisko Hulsing, as its advisors.

It is accompanied by a uniquely animated collection consisting of 5000 NFTs that bears the same name as the film, and the holder of these NFTs will be granted co-ownership over the short film. Moreover, owners of The Lokals collection will become co-producers by participating in the film’s creation.

The collection was created on the Ethereum blockchain, featuring NFT assets using the Quill program and 3D modeling software Blender. Furthermore Prime Render Studios plans to develop the project into The Lokals Metaverse.

Where Can I Purchase The Lokals?

The collection is available for minting on its official website using the Ethereum token. As of writing this article, over 850 NFTs were minted, with the price of each NFT being 0.1 ETH. The collection supports both MetaMask and Coinbase wallets. Lastly, the mint limit is a maximum of 3 NFTs per wallet.

Prime Render Studios And Blockchain Technology

Prime Render Studios have ventured into the world of blockchain technology since 2017, with The Lokals being the studio’s second NFT collection. Artist Božo Balova developed a unique artistic style for the firm’s previous film, Dislocation. The authentic portraits from the film were converted into NFTs and were sold exclusively on SuperRare.

Priced at over 2 ETH, the NFTs were sold out quickly, and the resounding successes of the last series motivated Prime Render Studios to create The Lokals project.

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