Posta Romana To Release NFTs On Its 160th Anniversary

Ayush Pande

Romanian postal service company Posta Romana announced its plans to drop an NFT collection on account of its 160th anniversary, making it the first Romanian state entity to mint NFTs. 

160 Digital Stamp NFTs To Celebrate 160 Years

Posta Romana’s NFT collection will feature a limited number of 160 NFTs that symbolize the age of the postal company. The NFTs will be released as digital stamps during the launch event scheduled for Friday, August 12, at the National History Museum of Romania.

Ten of the 160 NFTs issued at MNIR headquarters will be reserved for an open auction, with each piece starting at 160 Euro. Posta Romana claims the proceeds from the auction will be used for a humanitarian cause in collaboration with the HOSPICE Casa Speranței foundation. 

The company further notes that the funds from the project will be used to support patients with incurable diseases.  

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