PLP Architecture To Release A Collection Of 5000 NFTs

Ayush Pande

Global architecture and design studio PLP Architecture collaborates with VerseProp to release a collection of 5000 NFTs based on a virtual skyscraper. This venture aims to create content that appeals to audiences interested in physical and virtual real estate and bridge the gap between the two communities.  

A virtual building designed by PLP serves as the basis of this collection. Each NFT will be animated and will feature varying movements and coloring. 

PLP Architecture claims that the digital collection would benefit designers and artists as they will get paid every time their NFT is traded thanks to royalty clauses built into the smart contracts. 

Furthermore, each NFT would grant its owner exclusive access to the commercial utility embedded in the token. This can range from webinar tickets to physical artwork to a chance for owners to design their own building in Metaverse by working with PLP. 

When Can I Buy These NFTs? 

The collection of 5000 NFTs will be available later this summer after PLP Architecture mints these NFTs into the blockchain.

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