Play-To-Earn NFT Game With Nostalgic 8-Bit Design Launching Soon

Bishal Kumar Chanda

The gaming industry is one of the first to step into decentralization. Play-to-earn games are gaining massive popularity and support from the community. Players now have digital identities and ownership of their in-game items as NFTs. The value of in-game assets only increases as the demand goes up and the community grows. But there is a considerable market gap regarding blockchain's social and community aspects. Bit Hotel, an 8-bit themed play-to-earn NFT-based platform, aims at correcting all the shortfalls of current blockchain games. 

Bit Hotel has a game design similar to the flash game Habbo Hotel we used to play as kids. Players can fully customize their user individuality and their in-game identities in the Bit Hotel platform. Bit Hotel has already launched their in-game currency Bit Hotel Token (BHT) and has plans lined p for 8-Launchpad Roadshows to onboard the early player base. Players can chat with each other on the platform and participate in PvP competitions for rewards. The rewards will be in the form of BHT and can be withdrawn to their wallets. Bit Hotel also plans on developing various fun characters for better community engagement and monthly incentives for the community members.

The future roadmap of this retro-themed game includes incorporating clubhouses. The idea of clubhouses is to mainly target the various DAOs and communities on the Bit Hotel platform. They also plan on holding their AMAs, IDOs, and different community events through these clubhouses. To make Bit Hotel's launch a sure success, they have partnered with Seedify, Superlauncher, Ferrum Advisory Service, Gamestarter, and many more blockchain experts. To drive Bit Hotel's seed sales, they collaborated with Enjinstarter and Lithium. After the Token Generation Event on December 23, Bit Hotel is off to a great start. We might see this nostalgic 8-bit themed blockchain game gaining massive popularity in the play-to-earn community.

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