Peter Molyneux's Legacy Made $53 million With Just Land Sales

Bishal Kumar Chanda

Legacy was announced back in 2017 but has only come to light in mid-December 2021. Partnered with Gala Games, Molyneux's Legacy proved an instant moneymaker as all virtual land plots sold out. Legacy is said to be released in 2022, but there is no official release date. Molyneux is a man who overhypes his games and promises features that never work. It is not surprising to see him ride the wave of NFTs and raise millions of dollars from the hype.

Legacy is described as the first blockchain business simulator. Players will design in-game products and buildings manufactured by virtual workers in in-game factories. The manufactured items will then be tradable with other players in an open market. Players will also compete in various competitions for leaderboard positions and win rewards. But for being a part of Legacy's economy, you will need to own land. Only 4661 pieces of land have been released in the Gala Games Marketplace. There is no information on the maximum number of Legacy land eventually made. Landowners will also have the option of renting out their plots to other players or forming a partnership. 

We haven't seen any official discussion for the actual gameplay of Legacy. But the community doesn't seem to care if the NFT game is fun to play or not. The reason behind its quick popularity is people trying to get in the project at ground level to sell off their NFTs for a profit later on. We don't know if Legacy will be released and whether it will become popular. But from Molyneux's viewpoint, it doesn't even matter as he already made more than $53 million without releasing anything. The general logic behind NFTs comes to play where you never know what becomes famous in the community.

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