OpenSea Reports Email Address Database Breach

Ayush Pande

OpenSea, one of the leading platforms for minting and trading NFTs, reported a leak in its email address database. On Wednesday, a blog post by OpenSea revealed that one of its employees tampered with the database of email addresses of users who subscribed to newsletters and leaked it to an unauthorized external party.

What Happened To The Leaked Email Addresses?

Several phishing emails from fake websites impersonating were reported by users a few hours later on Reddit and Twitter. The websites behind the phishing attacks include, and 

OpenSea's Response To The Incident

In response, OpenSea released several guidelines on their blog post to caution users against email phishing attempts. On Thursday, OpenSea responded on Twitter that if a person's email address was compromised, it would receive an email from, the official OpenSea website.

OpenSea is currently assisting with their ongoing investigation and has reported the incident to law enforcement.

"We will only include hyperlinks to '' URLs. Make sure that '' is spelled correctly, as it's common for malicious actors to impersonate URLs by shuffling letters." the company noted.

This isn't the first time OpenSea has come under siege from fraudulent attacks this year. OpenSea was hit with another phishing attack in February that led to at least 32 users losing access to their NFTs, estimated to cost $1.7M.

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