OpenSea Kicks Off Solana Launchpad, Gets A Lukewarm Reception

Ayush Pande

Months after integrating Solana NFTs into its marketplace, OpenSea launches Solana Launchpad and drops the Zoonies NFT collection. The series, however, did not gather much attention from NFT aficionados.

What Is Solana Launchpad?

Solana Launchpad is a unique feature implemented by OpenSea that allows NFT creators to mint their NFTs on the Solana blockchain. Solana Launchpad supports several features such as pre-mint actions, post-mint scaling, and lower gas fees. 

What Are Zoonies?

Zoonies is a collection of 8888 NFTs featuring cute mutant aliens and is the first NFT collection to use OpenSea's Solana launchpad feature. The public sale of Zoonies began on July 20 at 7 PM ET, with the average price of a traded NFT being less than 2.5 Sol ($112.7). 

Unfortunately, due to the bearish trends in the crypto market, the Zoonies collection gets a sluggish start. Moreover, as of writing this article, less than 5.8K have been minted on the platform. Many Twitter users also stated that their purchased Zoonies NFTs have disappeared from their OpenSea wallets.

OpenSea also failed to claim a significant share in the Solana market as its rival marketplace; Magic Eden has maintained more than 90% of the trading volume of Solana NFTs. 

What’s Next For Solana Launchpad?

OpenSea’s second Solana Launchpad project will drop on the marketplace on July 26. Titled Monkai, the project is an anime-themed multi-chain NFT experiment that boasts community building and PVP metaverse as its features.  

Furthermore, despite the lackluster sales, OpenSea revealed that it would soon add more features to the Zoonies collection. These include airdropped apartments, playable arcades, 2D metaverse experience, and a traits economy.

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