OpenSea Delists Azuki NFTs Due To A Technical Bug

Ayush Pande

Popular NFT marketplace OpenSea temporarily delisted the Azuki collection due to an error in its flagging system.

On Friday, owners of the Azuki collection received emails from OpenSea claiming their NFTs were delisted from the marketplace. As a result, the floor price of the collection hit 8.48 ETH.

This caused the Azuki team, including Product Manager Demna to investigate the mass emails and reach out to OpenSea, with the latter quickly resolving the issue and re-listing the Azuki collection.

According to the OpenSea team, the delisting of Azuki NFTs was caused by a “technical error” in its Trust and Safety Flagging system. Fortunately, the Azuki collection soon recovered its floor price, with the cheapest Azuki NFT being priced at 9.99 ETH as of writing this article.

This is not the first time OpenSea has delisted a collection due to a bug. Earlier in June, the BAYC collection was incorrectly flagged by OpenSea. Similar to Azuki’s case, the issue was resolved soon after Yuga Labs contacted OpenSea.

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