Oishi Japanese Kitchen: The First Italian Restaurant to Use NFTs

Bishal Kumar Chanda

Oishi Japanese Kitchen is a mini-chain of restaurants that serves Japanese fusion cuisine in Italy. Founded by a group of young enthusiasts in 2015, their respect towards the Japanese traditions has obtained important recognition quickly. Oishi Japanese Kitchen has received three sticks from Gambero Rosso and placed them in the Michelin Guide. In addition, the mini-restaurant chain is giving customers to acquire a utility NFT, a token that represents the art and its authenticity. The NFT is an art piece made in collaboration with the famous digital artist FRUTTI (Pierpaolo Barnabei from Abruzzo). 

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Utility NFTs are digital tokens on the blockchain that have been useful in bringing people closer to their favourite artists, musicians, and celebrities so far. It gives owners privileged access to a range of benefits. In simple words, you become part of an exclusive club. Similarly, Oishi's NFT offers customers access to a dedicated tasting menu called the "OMAKASE," a menu full of remarkable fusion of western and oriental cuisine. In addition to the OMAKASE, NFT holders can also access the off-menu dishes, exclusive discounts, cryptocurrency payments, and be a part of an exclusive community. 

Are you wondering how to buy an NFT from this Abruzzo-based sushi bar? First, you would have to log into your OpenSea account and visit the official OishiNFT page. Ensure you have enough Ethereum in your wallet to pay for the NFT and gas fees. Once you have successfully purchased the NFT, head over to www.oishijapanesekitchen.it/nft to register and obtain your exclusive pass. Currently, only nine passes are available for sale at 0.15 ETH, so hurry up if you want to have your own exclusive OishiNFT. If you are new to the NFT space and want to stay safe from the bad actors, check out: NFT Counterfeit and Scams: Things You Need To Be Aware Of.

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