NTR1 Meta: World's First Phygital Sneakers, Handmade by Italian Artists

Bishal Kumar Chanda

Digital fashion brand, Another-1 teamed up with Swappable to create NTR1 Meta, the world's first phygital sneakers. Have you ever dreamed about wearing the same apparel both in real life and the metaverse? This one-of-a-kind NFT project makes this dream a reality for owners. Every pair in the collection will be designed and created by notable art director and designer Lucio Vanotti and the Another-1 team. Each NTR1 Meta NFT can be redeemed for a pair of handmade sneakers. What's more? The NFT owners can also wear the sneakers in Decentraland and The Sandbox metaverse.

Check out Decentraland Review and The Sandbox Review, where you can use your NTR1 Meta NFT sneakers. 

The NTR1 Meta sneakers take inspiration from the changing colors of a chameleon. 

Just like chameleons change their color to adapt to new surroundings, these sneakers are for those who embrace the latest technology of Web3 and NFTs. For launching this innovative project, Another-1 worked hand in hand with Swappable. Led by Lucio Vanotti, Another-1 is a Web3 platform looking to change the game in the fashion industry. Swappable is a part of the TrustSwap ecosystem that allows Web3 wallet holders to create or trade ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens. To ensure the project's long-term success, Swappable has further partnered with 23 other industry-leading companies. 

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, the NTR1 Meta project is set to drop on February 24at 13:00 UTC on their official website. The collection only consists of 5,000 unique NFT sneakers priced at 0.09 ETH. Once you get your hands on an NTR1 Meta sneaker NFT, you can request your physical one through their gamified redemption window. However, when you redeem your physical sneakers, your NFT will be burned. Swappable is hosting an event in Decentraland's famous Crypto Valley at 3 PM UTC today. Make sure you check out their Discord server to access their exclusive whitelist presale on February 23rd. For all interesting NFT news and NFT guides, stay tuned with NiftyHype!

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