NFTs Offered by Nas in Partnership With Royal Comes With Streaming Rights to his Music

Gaurav Roy

Well-known rapper Nas has come out with an interesting offer for his fans. Anyone who buys his latest NFT will receive streaming rights to his music. 

Nas is no newbie to the world of cryptocurrencies. In fact, the Queens rap icon already participated in the Coinbase Series B funding round, known to be one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

Regarded as one of the greatest hip-hop musicians of all time, Nas has released eight platinum and multi-platinum albums in a row, selling more than 25 million copies worldwide. 

Almost all of his albums, including his debut, 'Illmatic,' have been hailed as "pieces of perfection" and "great works." While 'Billboard' called him one of the '10 Best Rappers,' '' put him first in the top '50 Greatest MCs' for two years in a row.

Blockchain-based platform Royal has partnered with Nas to sell limited digital assets, which are extended versions of NFTs. Fans will be able to purchase streaming royalty rights to Nas's King's Disease and King's Disease II tracks "Ultra Black" and "Rare" through the revolutionary NFT.

When Royal releases the NFT on their official website on January 11, fans will be able to join in the fun with a limited number of tokens available for purchase. Nas will give up 50% of his streaming rights for each of those tracks in total.

Nas sees his partnership with Royal as a new avenue to connect with his fans. His statement regarding the partnership was: 

"I'm always seeking fresh and unique methods to communicate with the people." "As a result, I'm pleased to collaborate with Royal on their new venture so that the world may engage with my music in new ways."

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