NFT Series Tiny Punk Opossums Drops To Spread Awareness About Lyme Disease

Ayush Pande

Inspired by popular NFT collections BAYC, Cryptopunks, and Tiny Dinos, the Tiny Punk Opossums NFTs drop on the Ethereum blockchain.

What Are Tiny Punk Opossums?

The Tiny Punk Opossums is a collection of 10K free-to-mint NFTs featuring pixel art of Opossums on a 20x20 canvas, with each Opossum guilty of an absurd crime. 

Launched with the intent to shed some light on the creator, Oliver Klicker’s ongoing battle with Lyme disease, the Tiny Punk Opossums is a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) project. Therefore, the project does not have copyright laws, and the owners of the NFT are allowed to use it as they see fit. This includes modifying, copying, and even monetizing the NFT.   

The Opossum NFT collection can be minted by paying low gas fees, and the NFTs possess 384 unique traits, including ape, alien, and zombie. The public mint of Tiny Punk Opossums is currently live on its website, NiftyKit, and smart contract on Etherscan. The maximum number of mintable NFTs is 2 per wallet, and more than 750 NFTs have been minted as of writing this article. 

Tiny Punk Opossum's official website claims that 25% of the creator's fees are reimbursed into the project, and 25% of all proceeds are directly donated to a nonprofit Lyme disease treatment foundation. Lastly, the remaining 50% of the fees will fund Oliver's Lyme disease treatment.  


Oliver plans to release two more Opossum NFT series; the second one being an Omnichain community-driven NFT collection that will increase the rarity of its tokens and provide staking, battles, and other features. The third series will be a DAO establishment with a nouns-style auction platform to generate a recurring income for said DAO.

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