NFT Marketplace Minted Launched In Partnership With

Ayush Pande

Blockchain startup accelerator Cronos Labs debuts Minted, an NFT marketplace, in collaboration with

Multichain Functionality

Minted provides over 10M NFTs in its marketplace, including popular Ethereum-based NFTs such as Moonbirds, CloneX, Pudgy Penguins, and Otherdeed, in addition to NFTs minted on the Cronos blockchain

Initially, the platform will support the trading of 2800 pre-minted collections, with plans to rapidly increase the number. Furthermore, every Cronos-based NFT launched on’s marketplace will be available for secondary trading on Minted, thanks to Minted’s partnership with the crypto platform. 

Rewards In The Form Of MTD Tokens

Minted rewards creators, collectors, traders, and stakeholders in MTD, its native token on the Cronos Blockchain. Users are eligible to earn MNT tokens daily by listing specific NFTs at less than twice their floor price. 

In addition to listing rewards, Minted also provides staking rewards by depositing MTD tokens at MTD vaults.     

Trading Fees On Minted

Minted does not charge any gas fees on making an offer; however, you need to convert ETH/CRO tokens into WETH/WCRO when using the marketplace. Minted warns that enabling wrapped token spending on your MetaMask/ DeFi Wallet for the first time could incur some gas fees. Moreover, users can be charged a gas fee for canceling a listing or an offer.

There is a platform fee of 2% when you sell NFTs on the marketplace, and  50% of it is disbursed to members of the MTD staking community. Lastly, Minted may charge royalty fees (up to 10%) that vary by collection. 


Minted claims that in Q3 2022, the team would focus on launching the beta version of its services on the Cronos blockchain, with plans to reward long-term project investors.

It will also add a Launchpad to allow users to mint NFTs on the Ethereum and Cronos blockchains.

Lastly, the team would shift its focus to improving table-stake support, including trading and analytical features starting Q4 2022. 

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