NFT Experiment: Dutch Artist Dadara Releases One NFT Per Person In The World

Bishal Kumar Chanda

In partnership with digital rights management platform RAIRTech, Dutch artist Dadara launched a collection of 7.9 billion identical NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens), one for every person on the planet. All the collectibles are identical in their art and can only be differentiated using their serial numbers. The concept behind this project is both simple and powerful, representing how everyone tries to fit into this corporate world. 

With shockingly simple artwork compared to most NFT projects, the CryptoGreyman collection comprises 7,907,414,597 NFTs. The giant project represents everyday corporate employees wearing suits with briefcases in hand and a grumpy look on their faces. Nowadays, NFTs range from 3D avatars to beautiful collectibles that focus mainly on rarity, color, and highly detailed pieces. However, the CryptoGreyman NFT project overlooks all those factors and accurately represents our society. 

According to the artist, CryptoGreyman represents the 21st-century corporate world and how large institutions and companies perceive us. In the eyes of the corporate giants, we are nothing more than numbers, which is why the only thing that differentiates the CryptoGreyman NFTs is the unique serial number. 

Simultaneously, the CryptoGreyman project also addresses the immense pressure put on individuals to be unique and different. Dadara wants to break this illusion fueled by social media by rattling “the cage of consensual reality”. You will find no specific NFT better than the other in the collection.

The collection went live on February 22 on the Ethereum Layer 2 solution Polygon at a price of only 1 MATIC (about $2). RAIRTech CEO Garrett Mink also commented that CryptoGreyman is more democratized, and the barrier of entry is intentionally kept low to make the digital assets easily accessible to most people. 

The innovative artist Dadara first came up with the idea of the Greyman character back in the 1990s to represent corporate employees. Right now, the simple idea has become the unique representation of our society’s fundamental problem. 

With its partnership with RAIRTech, CryptoGreyman also wants to impact the real world. Along with the Movement on the Ground, 2,222 CryptoGreyman NFTs were donated to teach refugees how to create digital wallets and trade NFTs. Dadara feels like owning a digital wallet; refugees can start a new life in a modern and decentralized world. 

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