New World Partners With Karl Wolf To Drop An NFT Collection After His Song “Omicron Queen” Went Viral

Bishal Kumar Chanda

After discovering that he had Omicron around the holidays, frustrated artist Karl Wolf recorded his TikTok-viral song “Omicron Queen” in his home studio. Covid-19 has been a difficult phase in most of our lives and these new variants popping up here and there makes it more unpredictable. Millions of people worldwide were able to relate to Karl’s plight of not being able to spend the holidays with his family, making it an instant hit. 

Soon after Karl’s song took the internet by storm, New World Inc partnered with him to drop a music NFT collection. We can expect this NFT collection to release after releasing “2 AM Vibes”, an album by Karl Wolf that features his hit single “Get Away”. It is fascinating to witness how catching a virus played an essential part in making Karl viral. Karl’s music NFT collection will be available on the Polygon blockchain on Opensea, consisting of a series of 12 unique coloured Omicron Queens dancing to the viral song. Each variation will have a supply of 50 NFTs and come in pairs with the Omicron Queen track. 

There will be two versions of NFTs: the studio version priced at 0.04 ETH and the beach version priced at 0.065 ETH. Both versions come with a rapid action test kit and exclusive TikTok live performance access with an additional t-shit merch with the beach version. You can also find the rest of the Omicron Queen NFTs on New World’s global marketplace. The gold and platinum versions are priced at 3 ETH and 6.5 ETH. The gold edition will give buyers a chance to record a live song with Karl on Zoom. With the platinum editions, buyers can meet him and record a song with him (with all accommodations paid for).

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