MoonwalkerFM To Share Streaming Profits With Music NFT Holders

Bishal Kumar Chanda

Implementation of NFTs in music is here to disrupt the current music industry. With top artists, bands, and record labels entering the NFT game, it is only a matter of time until music NFTs take over the market. Do you want to invest in music NFTs where you earn from the price appreciation and the streaming profits? MoonwalkerFM has launched their NFT collection, Moonwalkers, following the same model. It is the first music NFT collection where an NFT holder can generate revenue from the success of a song. 

With the help of colourful characters, the latest startup MoonwalkerFM has paired music with NFTs. Every time you mint a Moonwalker NFT, it gets paired with a full-length Lo-Fi song from different streaming platforms as seasons are released. You can earn a maximum of 45% of the streaming profits from these songs as rewards. 

The Moonwalkers are an “angry and unpleasant” species of aliens residing in a distant galaxy. One day, they discovered a tape containing various audio files that brought peace to their violent lives. The music was named Lo-Fi, and it encouraged them to work together to explore the universe in search of new music. 

December last year marked the drop of MoonwalkerFM’s first drop, which they announced as “season zero”. This year, we can expect more drops to follow in the first quarter. They have also planned to release a “Moonwalker Fight Club” game set to release in the fourth quarter of this year. Apart from these, MoonwalkerFM has also announced big merch drops and exclusive online music festivals for their NFT holders. In the music NFT world, which is still in its infancy, MoonwalkerFM shows excellent potential for success. It doesn’t matter if you are a music lover, a crypto enthusiast, or even a scalper who wants to make good profits; you should check out MoonwalkerFM. 

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