Moonbirds Moves To CC0 Public License, Meets A Negative Reception

Ayush Pande

Popular NFT collections Moonbirds and Moonbirds Oddities shift to a CC0 license to encourage interoperability and creative use of NFTs. 

The announcement came a few weeks after Moonbirds released its NFT index to allow holders of the collection to short sell and leverage their NFTs.

What Are CC0 NFTs?

CC0 or Creative Commons - No Rights Reserved projects use copyright that allows anyone to use the NFTs without giving credit to the NFTs’ creators or artists. Similar to open-source IPs, CC0 licenses prevent copyright infringement even if a person uses the NFTs for commercial purposes. Therefore, this entitles even non-holders to create their own products or collections based on the original NFTs.

Moonbirds Collection Goes CC0

PROOF Collective founder, Kevin Rose, announced the firm’s plans to move Moonbirds and Moonbirds Oddities collections to CC0 licenses. This would allow even non-holders of the collection to use the artwork in any way they see fit.

Furthermore, he also announced the formation of Moonbirds DAO to oversee the licensing of the Moonbirds series. There will also be a full debrief for this change at Friday’s Moonbirds parliament.

Negative Response From The Moonbirds Community

Holders of the Moonbirds NFTs took to Twitter to express their disappointment over this change, with many claiming the difficulty in selling their NFTs for a profit after the shift to CC0 as their primary cause for concern. 

Some users claim that it’s unfair to take away the IP rights of Moonbirds owners and that the decision to shift to a CC0 license should have been taken by community voting. Others cite that moving to a CC0 contract happens before the mint and that the people who invested in Moonbirds in good faith paid a premium for nothing.

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