Monotype Partners Up with KnownUnknown to Drop "Helvetica The NFT" Collection

Ayush Pande

Font and Technology Specialist Monotype collaborates with KnownUnknown to release an NFT collection titled “Helvetica The NFT.” The collaboration aims to demonstrate the role of typography in culture by exploring the ideas and mediums expressed by artists in the form of NFTs.

Featuring one of the most widely used type fonts, Helvetica, this collection consists of NFTs designed by over two dozen prolific digital artists. The NFT collection is available on the Avalanche blockchain and consists of NFTs in three levels of rarity, priced at $100, $250, and $500. 

Helvetica The NFT was pre-released at an exhibit at iR Gallery Soho on June 23. The pre-release was timed to coincide with the NFT NYC event (June 20-23) at New York City's Time Square last month, where the artwork was shown off to the public. 

How To Purchase Helvetica The NFT Collection?

The artwork is on sale on KnownUnknown's marketplace, which can be accessed via this link. You can connect your existing MetaMask wallet or create a new wallet and set it to use the Avalanche network instead of the default Ethereum network.

After connecting your wallet, you can pay for the NFT of your choice using your bank card or cryptocurrencies USDC.e or ETH.

You can view your purchased NFT using its TokenID and contract address on several platforms, including the Avalanche Explorer, your MetaMask, and Coinbase wallets, and NFTTrade. Lastly, the NFT can be sold on the KALAO marketplace using C-Chain.

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