Metaverse Will Create Jobs For Millions In The Economy 3.0

Bishal Kumar Chanda

Given the fledgling state of the Metaverse, it might be hard to imagine working in the virtual world. However, hundreds and thousands of people are already working in the developing metaverse economy. 

In the GameFi or play-to-earn space, it's not just about recreation, as players can earn tokens and other in-game assets that can be traded for real money. In fact, workers from developing countries like the Philippines earn about $30 per day performing in-game tasks on behalf of NFT owners. Similarly, owners can make money from lending out their NFTs without worrying about collecting tokens all day. 

However, not all the metaverse jobs will occur within it. For instance, much of it will involve running the Metaverse itself, like coding, designing, testing, and developing. Moreover, ascending to the Metaverse will be very similar to what they are accustomed to.

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1. Metaverse Real Estate:

In Metaverse worlds like The Sandbox and Decentraland, virtual land is already selling for millions of dollars. The competition for desirable virtual real estate is high. Thus, it has become a specialist role to flip pixels for profit, creating a range of jobs for those with an eye for a prime plot.

2. Metaverse Fashion: 

From Louis Vuitton to Nike and Skechers, fashion brands worldwide are striving to catch some Metaverse action. And it's easy to see why. In a world where millions of individuals mingle while represented as avatars, the possibilities of sartorial splendor are endless. 

People are no longer limited by gender, body type, and imagination while dressing. In fact, in the Metaverse, you can assume any identity you want, with matching accessories. 

3. Metaverse Music:

Till now, the Metaverse has been a boon to both independent artists and major labels. For instance, over 27 million fans tuned in to Travis Scott's Fortnite concert during the lockdown in 2020. Meanwhile, famous artists like Snoop Dogg and Katy Perry have already experimented with Web3 technologies like non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

Thus, NFTs have enabled artists to release limited edition and exclusive albums to foster intimate experiences. Also, the popular music streaming app Spotify has started experimenting with NFT galleries on its artist pages. The emergence of a fully immersive Metaverse will expand this potential to new heights, creating unlimited ways to monetize and engage with fans. 

4. Metaverse Movies: 

Technology is a double-edged sword that creates new opportunities while destroying others. Many actors have found their likenesses stolen by AI and their intellectual property infringed. However, the same technology that threatens their livelihood can be used to enrich them. 

For instance, the Metaverse enables celebrities to interact with fans and sell experiences without leaving the comfort of their mansions. Also certain filmmakers have turned to NFTs to fund their upcoming productions

Closing Thoughts

As the Metaverse develops and its promises become a reality, the employment opportunities it offers will be tremendous. Moreover, there are already Metaverse stores where you can visit with your avatar and order everything from fast food to medical marijuana. Also, you can get it delivered to your real-world front door. 

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