MetaRuffy Joins The NFT Marketplace Scene With LooBr

Ayush Pande

A new NFT marketplace, LooBr, was launched by MetaRuffy International FZCO as a “Cross Chain Social Network NFT Marketplace.” The Dubai-based company claims LooBr to be an all-in-one platform that aims to create a meeting place for artists and traders to create, connect and trade their NFTs.

LooBr is powered by a native token called $LooBr, and every NFT (except NFTs connected to Ruffy World) traded on LooBr has its price listed in $LooBr.  LooBr also provides rewards to every $LooBr holder in the form of $MR tokens without requiring the holder to stake their $LooBr tokens.

What Makes LooBr Special?

The cross-chain aspect of LooBr allows users to purchase NFTs using the native token of a handful of blockchains, including Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, and Binance Smart Coin, among others. 

LooBr has many features of a social media network integrated into it. Users can like, comment, and share NFTs listed on LooBr. Once you purchase an NFT, you will also acquire its social media archive.

LooBr’s Features

LooBr has a feature called the LooBr Score, which keeps track of the statistics of an NFT, such as views, likes, comments, and trade history since its initial minting. The LooBr score is displayed when an NFT is listed and on a user’s profile page. 

LooBr provides its users a KYC badge upon completion of KYC (by Veriff). Furthermore, users will receive all metadata created every time the NFT was relisted on LooBr when they buy an NFT. 

LooBr does not charge any mint fees and the gas fees depend on the blockchain used to mint an NFT. The marketplace fee is 1%. LooBr claims that the market fee is lower than competitor platforms’ fees because it uses $LooBr as its utility token instead of ETH, MATIC or SOL. 

Lastly, LooBr offers a maximum royalty of 10% every time your NFT collection is traded on the secondary market. 

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